Thursday, September 22, 2016

How the plan turned out.

I had blogged about making my sister a planner/colouring book at the beginning of September.  Planning 

 And of course, procrastinator that I am, I needed some help to meet the deadline.   DD#1 and I had spent the day in the bookstore and now we needed to pack up for the trip to see my sister.  One advantage of working quickly for me is that I don't overthink everything. The general plan was already laid out.  So we just added all the finishing touches.  The fun part actually!   Working with what I had for papers and keeping in mind some of her favourite things resulted in a fun planner with corresponding colouring pages.  I came up with an idea and Laura searched for the appropriate sticker or paper.  And to give her all credit- two heads are better than one!

Music and movies!  Now I wish I'd considered whether Sunday or Monday should come first on the planner pages.  :}  But it is only to the end of the year and changes can be made.

The theme paper is baby blue with coloured butterflys.  September shows off purple and favourite tv shows.  The colouring pages were simple to get her stared.

October welcomes fall and I was glad to see orange butterflys included.  How cool that her favourite movie stars were in the same movie.  :)  These colouring pages were country themed.

I chose patriotic colours as Remembrance day happens in November.  Our Dad was a veteran and she talks about him lots.  The butterflys are getting chilly but there was some bits of red.  The colouring pages pick up on poppies and other flowers.

I had some plastic page protectors that I refolded to make fit.  There is one for each month with ideas for adding photos or filling with memorabilia.  I did include extras in her zippered pouch.

And December leaned toward blue and snowmen because we already had red.  Laura was surprised that I didn't have lots of Christmas paper but I tend to avoid the seasonal stuff.

I do think it is going to be fun for her.  She laughed at the idea of colouring but I did notice that although she is a talker, she got kinda quiet as she considered her options.  I really do hope she plans on having fun!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reviewing Summer's Theme

Summer's theme this year was visitors: the preparing, the visiting and the recovering.  ;^)

The house was made presentable.  The upstairs is all painted and just needs some fine tuning and a few touch-ups.

 The farm buildings were decluttered and the yard received more TLC as the weather and time permitted.

 The barns are all painted.

Word got out that we are preparing for selling and relocating so we got lots of visitors this summer.

My DD#1 and I were supposed to go shopping for wardrobe additions and accessories.  We stalled out at the bookstore.  :/

Laura and I went off to visit an old friend and she persuaded me to stop by the cemetery where my grand parents  and uncles are buried. Thank goodness for GPS!

The old church was open and I was amazed to find mention of my great grand parents as well as my grand dad's baptism. 

My sister's health has deteriorated. She also is making a move so I hitched a ride with DD#1 who was driving by on her own way home.  Here we are leaving the main street of the town nearest to where I live.

We had dinner in the city where my sister will be moving.  The old house has tours and a lovely restaurant.  It also has a resident ghost.  Gee, it must have took my picture!!!

I returned by bus and took the first day off to finish up my book series and peruse my new books. Now I need to look at the contents of my suitcase, my photos, and my planner.  :O

I brought home some extras.  My niece has passed on to me old memorabilia that she comes across as she helps her mum downsize.  The Rooster is the one who is interested in his ancestors.   awk!  I didn't really want another hobby which was why I had given all the above to my sister when my parents downsized.  Timing really is everything because now my interest is piqued.  And, I do now have ephemera for my mixed media journaling!  ;^)  

She also included some memorabilia from not so very long ago!  I wasn't always a white, make that silver, old biddy!  lol

As summer winds down we should enjoy a slower pace.  I will be very happy to get back to other creative endeavours.

I am indeed itching to get back to my creative hobbies.  I also need to update my wardrobe which hanging around young folks inspires!  My niece says that we are 'hipsters'!  Shoot, now I need to update the Rooster's wardrobe as well.  ;^)

The grand kiddies are already back at homeschooling and I need to plan the art and creative literature lesson plans.

My sister is downsizing her considerable music collection which means I have some great music to motivate me. 

What's that you say?  Sorry, I can't hear you.  My music is loud and I'm grooving and moving!  :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Phase one accomplished

The guest room was ready for my guests.  Not that ones kids are guests, but you get my drift.  I did notice I definitely have dull spots on the trim where I missed but the overall effect was good.

The Rooster readied the 'secondary' guest room for DD#1 and it seems it is cozy enough that she is happy to spend the last few days in it although DS#2 and his wife have vacated the 'primary' guest room. 

Come the first snowfall the Rooster and I will be going through each room to adjust all the bits that were overlooked in our rush to get everything finished.

Most of our family activities centre around the kitchen and meal planning.  And indeed we are blessed.

Even the one or two work projects centred around food.  The old freezer in the basement was removed.

Then the remaining one was topped up with cabbage rolls and stewed fruit.   The Rooster nixed the red berries I had found in the bush though. :O

Not exactly food related, but a reason to celebrate, the final pail of red barn paint was sprayed over the door, the north wall and the other barn. 

We finished up with a lovely campfire in the grand kiddies back yard. 

DD#1 and I shall do some retail therapy, finish up my sister's planner, load up some memorabilia and head out for phase 2. 

I expect I'll be back for regular programming in October.  They do say normal is only a setting on the dryer. Alas, I only have a clothes line!  LOL

Thursday, September 1, 2016


I think my sister needs a planner!  :-)

I understand that the adult colouring craze is very beneficial to one's well being.  So I began to collect some coloring pages that she might like and some colouring materials.

I thought loose pages in a nice binder might be good.   And who can resist some cute accessories.

I am not sure that she would delve deeply into planning but a bit of a diary might add something to her life as well as add some clues as to just how she spends her time.

The white binders are great for personalizing by slipping in a decorative sheet for the front cover.  I think I will get a bigger size as the one inch is already full!

Scattered Squirrel offers free printables.  I found the best results for clear, clean pages without too much thickness to be with coloured paper that have a white back.  It IS necessary to know how to position the paper for copying.  lol  Ask me how I know!

Now I really need to apply the KISS principle.   This needs to be cheery and easy to use.  So I really tried not to clutter it up with cuteness.

Now, where was I.  oh yah;  scraping the oopses off the floor!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I couldn't do it.

One pinkish room is enough!

I mixed up my Pink Swirl and my creamy white  and took a swipe.   :{  I'm not feeling the luv!

Then I remembered the left over paint from the sitting and dining rooms.  If I mixed them together...

 I do like the colour but this is NOT a good quality paint. The difference between good paint and awful is the drop cloth.  Quality paint goes where it is supposed to and stays there.  Hence the need for the drop cloth and wet rag is negligible.  This less than quality paint combines primer and paint and is the consistency of water.  :(   My experience with contractors was not a happy one which is why I am now painting!  To be fair I did pick up a few tips. Difficult area- buy closest spray paint and 'give 'er'!!!   But I will not be intimidated by "we are the experts and so..."  never again.  Never  ;^)

My well luved blanket box has no other place to live except in the guest room.  I think the yellow is a much better fit.  So I embraced the price factor, the watery paint, dragged my drop cloth along, dabbed with a wet rag, and focused on the colour.  :]

Notice the duvet cover draped over the foot board.  I couldn't wait to try it and it just might make a curtain! 

Now for the trim.  I wish I didn't have to do it!  ;^)

Monday, August 29, 2016

I digress...

The Digression- a planner for my sister
Since I couldn't easily find what I was looking for I digressed and sorted papers.  It didn't help that her favourite colour is baby blue and that colour is the least represented in my choices.  So I made a quick run (digression) to the local Dollar Tree!  ;^)

Much better.  I put all my papers: scrapbook, coloured cardstock and gelli prints in the drawers.  I shall just paw through the colour sorted drawers.  There is no good way to sort two sided scrapbook paper and multi coloured mono prints so I put light mixed, warms, cools, and dark neutrals in separate drawers.  Good enough and when I can't close the drawers it'll be a circular file kind of sort!
The open drawer holds my main planner and the drawers beneath all have journal fodder. :\

I found a cute box that 'hides' lots of the stuff, I  know I need to see/find stuff easily or I buy more. So I am passing it on to Eliana who is gathering stuff for her own art corner and this IS her favourite colour.  As I cut papers I will be able to stuff it with more assorted papers.   I'm sure I will get to that corner at some point at some later date as I'm not even sure what is all concealed there.

I did eventually get two coats of primer on the guest room.  I will just reconcile myself to two coats from now on given my roller was not top quality, the walls are a wavy plaster and,  vbsigh,  my eyesight isn't what it used to be. 

Then the Rooster commandeered me for the day.  We had got a new riding lawn mower as the old one went into retirement earlier than expected.  But we got all caught up on the grass cutting although it was so long it'll take another cut to get it looking really nice . We took turns riding and pushing!  :-)   The woodland path is even done except for one fallen tree.  I could move the others but not the big one.

Now where did I leave my paint brush..Swirl with some left over White Opulence and what we get is what we get.  I am already considering curtain options.  I hope that particular diversion doesn't happen for a day or so!  lol