Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Travelling Faster!

Well, I was flying so fast I was gonna beat my DD#1 to the airport.  She was arriving on Wednesday and I was headed to the airport for Tuesday 7:00 am flight!   That means getting up WAY too early!

 oh well, how wrinkled can things get???  lol

Now I have a time for a better blog post.

I didn't actually wear the hat on mother's day but the challenge on 40+ style was hats!  I'm not sure it actually fits.  Now I see it, I think I'll pass it to Eliana or Jolina! 

DD and I are going shopping right after my plane lands.  We have been texting back and forth as to basic wardrobe choices.  We have a plan and a very BIG mall to cruise!

On the house hunting front...
I have hopes that the Rooster will have reached the end of the trail before I return!

In the meantime,  I am dreaming up a hobby room!   The blank squares are areas that don't really interest me like the kitchen!  lol

I had thought to get Nina dusted off and make a tote for the trip but she isn't happy I have been neglecting her.  It has been too long and I couldn't locate my manual to understand exactly what she wanted tweaked!   sew...   no tote!  Besides I am showing Nina the new playroom plans.  Maybe I can mollify her with packing up, reorganizing, and promises!  Here's hoping that I'm no longer flying ahead of the reality checks!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

A bit of journalling!

It is that time of year- graduations!

So this is not my own journaling which has been reduced to penciled entries.  :{

So here follows a brief selection of photos.  I used a heavy scrapbook paper for the cover and a narrow duct tape to reinforce the spine.  The inside paper is a pad of medium weight kraft paper I got and wished I'd got the other pads.  Super useful for homemade journals so I'll be looking for a roll of the stuff as the grand kiddies need nature journals for next year.  This journal just has one signature.
The young fellow's favourite colour is red so...

 His graduation present is a trip for he and his teacher (mother), from his principal (father).

 His brother graduated last year.


 I have tried to incorporate his likes.

 He is a great reader...

and a hard worker!

I have tried to leave lots of space for his own thoughts.

And of course lots of pockets for memorabilia. 

Making these journals is so much fun and no matter how busy I like to do them.  Now to get ready to add some more to my own journal as I get ready to travel again!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Travelling fast

I seem to be having to pack a lot and we haven't even found a place to move to yet!

I got to use my new wardrobe planning skills for the annual weekend retreat.  I didn't chose a neutral but just went with my favourite burgundy combos.  You know, not many actually notice that you are wearing the same skirt!  lol  My best look is medium values and monochromatic colour schemes.  So easy!  I will be adding the accent colours for the neutrals with accessories.

The fashion site is focusing on accessories this month.  I had no idea shoes and belts were accessories.  I have always worn earrings but even they need 'bumping up' so it'll be an enlightening month.  Most of these accessories except for purse and shoes comes from the thrift shop.  I had never even looked in their accessory section before.  :O

I will be traveling to Edmonton, a major city, to be with my DD#1 who is facing surgery for the first time in her life.  I'm the blankie and chicken soup brigade.  We will arrive the day before and spend it shopping.  She wants me to keep her from her favourite pastime- books and chocolates, and focused on replenishing her wardrobe.  I now have 'skills' so I'll be happy to usher her into the change room, confiscate her garments, and send in all the possibles.  So fun and it'll be her money we spend and not the Roosters!  lol  She wants, navy, grey and natural (taupe) to be her neutrals and the colour to be burgundy.  I am only on the look out for a burgundy purse.  Here is hoping!

 We are still traveling all over the place looking for the perfect spot.  Timing will be everything!    A smaller barn at this place but tons more yard work!  :/

In the mean time, I need to travel around the flower beds.  After a yes/no/maybe so,  we seem to be settling into YES!  Its Spring!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lists and piles

The spring weather turned cold and rainy and then we had snow warnings.  Now we are waiting for sun and warm temperatures. 

In the midst of gosh awful weather we have been keeping real estate appointments and exploring back roads looking for property.   We can certainly identify the low spots in the country!

Rubber boots and something stylish under the parka are working but when the sun comes out I am hoping to have upped the fashion statement!

I am trying to not let DD#2's book piles get too far ahead of me.  Just when I think I'm wasting time I come across one that needs to go in the discard pile or maybe the wait until ...  pile.

Today was Art 101 in my kitchen as their parents had an appointment.  I really do need a better wet room space as we made such a mess!

Turns out the appointment is for tomorrow so guess who are spending the night!!!

Now I do have a few deadlines on my list.  A travel journal for a young fellow who graduates next month.  I need to have it finished as we will take it when we head off on our annual DL retreat which is pending, weather permitting!  Oye, I need a list of what to take.

As anyone can see,  the list keeps piling up!

Monday, April 10, 2017

A lab experiment!

Scored a lab coat at the thrift shop.  Hopefully it gets lots of colourful slops on it because I just sent 26 garments to the varage site. Downsizing! They were either black, no longer useful or just not flattering.  I am experimenting with lighter colours and flattering fit! 

It was a bad idea when I downsized my sewing patterns.  Studying my flattering fit suggestions,  I can think of 3 patterns right off the top of my wooden head that I should have kept.  The fabric store I visited in the city was  not friendly/helpful last time so after last week's excursion I am thinking was my final visit.  They turned the pattern cabinets to face the sales counter and they find the patterns for you when they aren't busy!  :/  Anyway, I have been calling around and the patterns I want are gonna be easiest to get online.  No wonder brick and mortar stores go out of business.  One fabric store didn't even carry patterns!  ??? 

To console myself I stopped at a brick and mortar quilt shop who encouraged and supported my rant.  Therefore...

My excuse was I need a new purse (red) so this would be easier than explaining the leather purchase!  Some story, huh?  They also had a vest pattern but it was similar to the one I actually kept.   I am so frugal.  snort!  The Sari yarn will be for bracelets which I really want to be part of my personal style.

I did also get a fit bit!   The Rooster is checking it at the end of my day and I have joined,  after some excruciating back and forth messaging, a group from my style club who are dressing for style while they literally downsize!

I have 3 months worth of super vitamins to get me perky and I shall alternate healthy citrus/vegetable juice/smoothies and glasses of water for this experimental marathon. 

We'll see how this experiment works out!  But I can't just stand around sipping water.  It is STEPS that count!  The race is ON!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Song

About two days ago it started getting noisy around here.  I don't need another hobby so I was resisting looking.  But last night I knew the little guy was in the tree behind my bedroom window!  Big puffy chest.  ???

This morning I went out to hang up the bedding on the line.  Ah, a robin!  Of course, they like to nest in that old potting shed and sit in the trees!  I can put away the bird book. phew!

And whereas I need rubber boots to stand at the clothes line, (lowest place on the yard, I think);  it is probably time to start thinking about spring chores

But I have been on a bit of a tangent.  AGAIN!   I have been 'analyzing' my clothes.  TOO much information!  I thought I had it just about licked when it was dropped into my screen that the colour of our hair, eyes and skin 'greatly' influences our clothing choices.  I knew through colour season analysis that I was a winter (circa 1975)  and I knew aging dulls things a bit.  But I was kinda thrown of my main tangent trail into a side eddy when I realized just how much my colouring has changed (2017).  I am mostly neutral- dark brown hair is totally silver now, brown eyes are a dull hazel and my skin has never been shiny and colourful.  So I am neutral dominant and light valued.  I do best in a monochromatic colour scheme in a mid range and with a light bright thrown in or perhaps an analogous palette which I really do luv!  Can you here me yip yipping?  I SEE says the blind man. Makes sense to me!   And if you think monochromatic is boring-  check out the vivienne files

My styling for our house sale has gone to a neutral background with a monochromatic colour for major pieces and pops of soft accent colours!  I luv it! I feel validated!
 It also explains my monochromatic flower beds!

This should directly impact my creative art journey.  Knowing what I know I'll be able to eliminate a lot of impulse spending and add some great art!
Whoo hoo!   I'll be springing into action and singing a new song!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Pretty in Pink

Not a sign of a flower or anything pink outside on this spring day, but I am feeling pink!

The master bedroom was styled for showing and pink predominates.  The walls are a warm grey, BM Grey Owl.  If I have to paint another bedroom I'd chose Edgecomb but the difference is slight.  The pink is kinda peachy which is well, just peachy!  lol

I luv shelves and I have collected just about everything that is pink and has sentimental meaning in this not so public place.   The Roosters side of the room is a bit more masculine and has his stuff.  Mine, is well, kinda cluttered more than styled.  But it makes me almost blush as I sit and look around.  ;^)

The only other pink in the house is all my red transfer ware and my ruby glass.  Any houses we have looked at will accomodate just about all the furniture we have but this china cabinet is in jeopardy.  But I can't quite let it go.  awe, maybe I'll get a really, really big master bedroom!  :0

I have been playing catch-up with my planner/journals.  Lots has been happening and I'm thankful for my phone camera for keeping me up to date!  How convenient that I'm into a pink section!

The last post had me sharing a colour wheel by Janice Riggs at The Vivienne Files.  I thought I had my core colours nailed down but then she posted this capsule wardrobe inspired by Art!  It features Khaki and a bit more colour.  I like!
 But then she posted this one this morning.  YES!!!   I'd down play the denim and bump up the grey and khaki as my neutrals. With the light white/cream,  I'll use pink and green and add an aqua.  But this is definitely coming together for me.  

I don't intend to turn this into a fashion blog but as my story unfolds, I need to embrace who I am.  My face is actually quite red as I take selfies of myself and then actually share them. But it has helped me become comfortable in my own (pink) and aging skin. And my skin reveals that I've had a few bumps and bruises, a few crisises, a few kids and spent some time out in the sun!   I am not photogenic and avoid having my picture taken.  But here is the thing-  if I/you can forget about the camera lens and just let go of any intentions of looking a certain way and are just ourselves, (ie. HAPPY) and feeling good about ourselves, then we'll become more photogenic.  This is true!  Ask me how I know!!!  ;^)

We set rules for ourselves.  These rules are not necessarily bad but when they are never revised they become archaic laws.   My wardrobe rules needed revising and should better reflect who I am today. 

It has always surprised me the amount of pink I've collected in my fabric stash.  It has taken me a while to break the rule that 'mature women' who aren't the romantic, flowery type can DO pink!  Time for me to get rebellious!

The grand kiddies are coming today so I need to get some art stuff out.  I may include pink!  Every time I do Art 101 with the grand kiddies we begin by singing, "If you're happy and you know, clap your hands, if...  3X, then your ART is gonna show it! "   Absolutely true!

If I decorate my home to reflect the Rooster and me.  If I wear clothes that make me feel like ME. If I use the fabric I have subconsciously collected.   If I make art that makes me smile.  If I relax when someone takes my picture.  If I  am authentic.  Then I can concentrate on smelling the roses, which of course, will be pink!