Monday, February 6, 2017

SEW here is February!

My focus for February is all things sewing, including my sewing room.  It needs a few tweaks.

I am also on a quest to cover my body in a becoming style and that has involved selfies, and measuring tapes and thought provoking quizzes.

I will need to review my old UFO list and think about an upcoming wedding quilt.

I did pick up my new ruler foot, a set of rulers, some practice fabric and a new machine quilting book.  Time to dust off Nina who is quite raring to go!

Much as I've enjoyed 'beating' my guys on game nights, ;^)  I need to pick up the handwork and make it a priority.

I really hope this month doesn't fly by as fast as the first one!


Margaret said...

Um...I hate to tell you this..but as Feb. has only 28 days, it's bound to disappear even more quickly than January... :-( Enjoy it while you can!

Frances Arnold said...

I am definitely with you about slowing down February, but alas, it is already 1/4 of the way over!!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Is time speeding I can't believe it is February. I feel like I haven't done enough for January to be over. I see we have some books in common. Some friend come over once a month and we do one technique from the embellishing book. Lots of fun!